Hi, we’re a band called Fembots from Toronto, Ontario. We’ve been together in some form or other since 1997. Sometimes there are two of us. Some times there are more. When there are two of us our names are Dave MacKinnon and Brian Poirier. We used to make music using tape machines and thrift store toys. It was very lonely and after a while everything broke.
Now we make music with other people.

We like all kinds of music. We like to play all kinds of music.
When people ask us what kind of music we play we don’t have a good answer. It’s a question most musicians don’t like. Why should we be any different?

Our first record was called “Mucho Cuidado”. That means “be very careful” in Spanish. We wrote and recorded the songs at the same time. The record was almost finished before we realized we were a band. It came out in January 2000. Some people liked it enough to play it on the radio and write nice things about it in newspapers and magazines.

Our new record is called “Small Town Murder Scene”. It will be out in February 2003.
It doesn’t sound much like our first record. This time we wrote the songs before we recorded them. We think it’s our best work yet, but every band says that about their new record.